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Dalwood Spilstead parent testimonial

As an adoptive parent of two children who are living with developmental trauma, I cannot thank the service and staff at Dalwood enough for their assessments using the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics methodology.

The NMT process provides a framework that greatly assists in not only understanding the origins and presentation of a child's challenge as a result of the trauma, but also offers a practical approach to helping children that is bespoke and rooted in neuroscience.

Were it not for Dalwood, I would not have understood the importance of sensory integration for my daughter as a necessary precursor to dealing with more complex emotional issues. Nor would I have understood how therapeutic and calming repetitive movement based activities could be for my son.

Rather than just a focus on talking therapies or trying random activities without knowing how or why they may be therapeutic, the NMT process highlights, in a reasoned way, how carefully chosen activities and relational interaction can facilitate healing in conjunction with talking therapies. It is this bespoke, reasoned, sequential, focus that makes NMT unique in my opinion.

The NMT model provides a level of understanding to parents that can explain perplexing and frustrating behaviours of their children and gives tools to parents and carers on how best to respond. This helps the parent as much as it helps the child and gives hope and inspiration for the ups and downs of the healing journey ahead.

I highly recommend an NMT assessment for any child who has suffered developmental trauma. In the 10 years of various therapies that my children have undertaken, it has proven itself to be the most effective by a long, long, way.

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