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Myanmar – Kawthaung Town -: Anti-Human Trafficking Women and Education of Children and
Young Girls, HIV Health Care

Kawthaung is a town on the Thai/Myanmar border where approximately one-quarter of the
population live in poverty. Despite being in an area of economic growth, Myanmar is the poorest
country in the region. It is resource-rich but its economy is one of the least developed in the world.

Given its geographical location, Kawthaung has become a place for the trafficking of women and
children. Many children and their families are “smart talked” by traffickers who promise the
opportunity to make money in Thailand. Ignorance and the rights of women and children are
overlooked. Myanmar has one of the highest levels of children under 5 suffering from chronic
malnutrition (childhood stunting). These children face irreparable damage to their physical and
mental development, with serious consequences in cognitive, social and economic outcomes.

To alleviate these issues, various programs are offered to support the care of HIV/AIDS patients and
their children with education and nutrition and health care as well as sewing classes to enable
women to earn an income.

Lenity has committed funding for 5 years to prevent human trafficking through the provision of
support for the poor and marginalised in both education and health care.

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Kawthaung Education & Health Clinic

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