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Margaret Jurd College

Creating positive futures together
About Margaret Jurd College


Margaret Jurd College at Shortland, NSW, empowers young people through supported education and care in the Newcastle and surrounding areas. 


The College evolved from the Newcastle Youth Service and grew from a tutorial centre to a registered school in 1996.  Students attending the school are disengaged from learning and mainstream schooling due to challenging behaviours and mental health diagnoses that qualify as a disability.  Student enrolments are around 50-60 in years 9 through to 12 (14-18 years) and demand is growing.  Education covers the Key Learning Areas: English, Maths, Science, HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) and PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education).


How is Margaret Jurd College achieving its goals


The structure of the College offers an holistic and wrap-around (combining emotional and educational support) model of education and is staffed by teachers and case workers.  Priorities for the college are to make education relevant to the particular body of students and to give them a sense of belonging.  95% of students leave the school with transition plans in place and supported for further education or employment.  Many complete the HSC and/or proceed to TAFE. The College carries a reputation of success in the community.


How is Margaret Jurd funded


As a school, Margaret Jurd receives education funding from the Commonwealth and State Governments and welfare support funding from the New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services. Fundraising is required to meet the full complement of operating costs.  School fees are minimal. The College currently provides school lunches and some uniform needs.


What is Lenity Australia’s involvement


Lenity Australia’s ongoing support to Margaret Jurd College will provide relief in the form of clothing and shoes by funding the Student Uniforms and Shoes Program for the next three years. This is a new program which will enhance the emotional wellbeing of students by way of instilling a sense of dignity, belonging, school pride and being cared for in a non-discriminatory way. As well, the program will ensure that all students have adequate and good quality clothing and shoes for school, particularly during the winter months.

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