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Philippines – Kidapawan – OND-WES : Healing of Abused Children and Women

The Oblates of Notre Dame (OND) oversee the Women’s Ecological Sanctuary (WES). Regardless of
culture or religion, WES accepts abused women and children with the aim of restoring self-respect
and confidence.

The project commenced in 2009 in response to trauma and violence affecting women and girls in
North Cotabato/Kidapawan, a regional centre in an area of ongoing armed conflict which has caused
serious dysfunction in families. Workers leave the region seeking economic security overseas for
their families.

The OND-WES is a “sanctuary” of healing. Set in an eco-friendly environment, it provides safe
accommodation and care for women and girls escaping domestic violence and for those at risk of
exploitation. Holistic programs facilitate trauma healing, therapy and life skills education with the
goal of equipping residents with the chance to live an economically secure life. The project is
committed to facilitating lives free from violence and abuse, raising community awareness of the
devastating effects and long-term costs of domestic violence and providing all women and children
access to the opportunities enjoyed by the wider community.

A Skills-Training Resource Centre was completed in early 2016 offering skills training to residents
enabling them to be independent and self-supporting.  It also provides training opportunities for
local poor women that offer alternative sources of income, food security and health for their
families.  It has also established itself as a resource in the local community for women who simply
need someone to talk to in an environment of trust.

​​Lenity has committed funding for 5 years to enable, through healing and life skills, recovery from a
life of abuse to one offering hope.

Learn more about Kidapawan OND WES refuge

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