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Lenity Australia is a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation financing projects in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. 

Lenity does not seek public donations and project funding is by invitation only.
Chatswood Community Nursing Home
Our History


Lenity Australia Ltd changed its name from Chatswood Community Care Association Ltd in 2015. The Association previously operated the Chatswood Community Nursing Home in Victoria Avenue Chatswood, which closed in 2014.


In 1904, Dr W.R. Olver commenced a medical practice at the site when the property was known as “Quarry Lodge”.  He renamed the house “Ventongymps” after a village in Cornwall near where he was born. Following his death in 1923, Dr Olver bequeathed Ventongymps for charitable purposes.  Kuring-gai Community Hospital opened there in 1927.  The hospital became Chatswood Community Hospital in 1965 and closed in 1989. In 1992, Ventongymps re-opened as Chatswood Community Nursing Home,

Our Objectives

Lenity Australia supports disaster relief programs which improve the livelihood of people affected by serious health issues and a range of social issues. It achieves its objectives through the provision of research, health promotion projects, education, and support to the destitute and exploited, particularly women and girls.

Lenity Australia will only support compliant relief and care programs in Australia and developing countries that are approved by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Lenity Australia  promotes the prevention and control of diseases in human beings by ;

(a)             funding and supporting medical research and scientific advances in the prevention, control and treatment of such diseases;

(b)             funding and supporting the training of nurses, doctors and other medical personnel in the prevention, control and treatment of such diseases; and

(c)             funding and supporting relief programs, such as clean water, sanitation and hygiene, that promote the prevention and control of such diseases

Finance and Business Strategies


All proceeds from the sale of the nursing home property and bed licences have been prudently invested with the interest income being applied for charitable purposes. The funds are not used to promote a particular religious adherence, a political party or promote a candidate or organization affiliated with any party.


In order to minimise costs and maximise available funds, Lenity Australia has developed a simple business model that:

  • is administered by a business Manager and voluntary working Board;

  • sources existing, needy projects that have a history of success, sustainability and meet Lenity's objectives;

  • provides for funding to be distributed to suitable projects by invitation only;

  • does not carry out any fundraising activities.

By utilising this business model, Lenity aims to restrict operating costs to 10% or less of income earned. 


In order to maximise the benefits of investments, Lenity has in its portfolio an investment that funds selected enterprises in Asian countries that demonstrate an innovative approach to meet the social challenges of the poor whilst still providing a financial return. 

Note to intending project supporters


While Lenity Australia supports the projects on this website, it does not seek donations from the public. However, Lenity provides funding to projects both in Australia and overseas which meet the requirements of the Australian Government and are also accredited with the Australian Taxation Office for tax deductibility. 

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