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Phoenix House

Phoenix House

Learn Ready, Work Ready, Life Ready
About Phoenix House


Phoenix House has an established track record of youth support services for marginalised young people. It provides early intervention and support services for challenged youths (aged 15 to 24) affected by family breakdown, addiction abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence and financial constraints.  For over 30 years, Phoenix House has provided a range of youth services to the most challenged young people resulting in life-changing outcomes.

How is Phoenix House achieving its Goals?

The Mission of Phoenix House is to teach marginalised young people to be Learn Ready, Work Ready, Life Ready through innovative programs providing flexible education, work placements and life skills development for young people with challenging needs. This service model assists young people to re-engage with education, unlock their potential and achieve their goals through the Learn Ready, Work Ready, Life Ready programs.  Phoenix House is strongly committed to the philosophy that education creates access to opportunity and works closely with TAFE and local secondary schools to catch students before they completely disengage from mainstream schooling.  As well, it offers support to the families of young people to improve family relationships. 

Learn Ready 


Flexible education to engage young people back into education, employment/training. The regular programs delivered in this segment are:

  • Transit Program - in partnership with Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, it enables students to complete a Year 10 equivalent qualification in a flexible learning environment:

  • SCALP (Skills Careers Adventure Learning Program) - focuses on improving individual health through physically challenging but fun activities, builds self-confidence, motivation and improves life and job skills:

  • Route 10 - works with graduates of the Transit Program who opt to pursue further study including the Higher School Certificate.


Work Ready


Supports young people in their aspiration into work placement and employment:

  • Suit Up - assists young people to access suitable clothing and accessories for job interviews, and required clothing or uniforms for new job starters:

  • Workplace Experience - partnering with business and industry to provide meaningful work experience opportunities:

  • Mentoring Program - volunteers provide mentoring and leadership for young people who would benefit from one-to-one employment and life skills guidance.

​Life Ready


Supports programs for young people in the exploration of their strengths, engagement through specialist case management and therapeutic counselling for individuals and families:

  • Feel Good Night – aimed at reducing experiences of isolation and marginalisation, providing safe, drug-free social options for recreation and relaxation;

  • Friday Lunches – a weekly program aimed at promoting healthy eating and cooking skills to young people, promoting nutrition, connectedness and belonging;

  • Counselling and Consultation Services – youth and family counselling targeted at early intervention prevention, parental support and life coaching;

  • Building Sustainable Life Skills – a program designed to help young people develop and sustain basic life skill sets to assist them to transition successfully into adulthood.


How is Phoenix House Funded?

Changed State Government funding arrangements called for a reassessment and a new direction and The Phoenix House Foundation was formed to oversee these funding arrangements.  The Uniting Church assists with funds together with Government grants when available.  In addition, North Sydney Council assists with funding. Phoenix House relies also on corporate and private donations.

What is Lenity Australia’s Involvement?


Lenity Australia’s ongoing support to Phoenix House will facilitate the “Building Sustainable Living Skills for Marginalised Young People” program for the next three years.  This program helps young people develop and sustain successful independent living through the development of competencies, self-confidence, values and social connectedness. The course is run for 15 young people biannually and covers many topics from finance and budgeting, nutrition, healthy relationships, food handling and hygiene and mental health.  All participants in the course have access to other programs run by Phoenix House which ensure the outcomes and benefits are not lost on completion of the program.

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