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Zero Childhood Cancer

“bringing us a step closer to the vision
of one day curing all children of cancer” 
- Professor Michelle Haber

​It is a national initiative and one of the world’s most comprehensive child cancer personalized medicine studies.  It is led by the Children’s Cancer Institute (  and the Kids Cancer Centre ( at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick ( in collaboration with scientists from 19 leading Australian and international research institutes and doctors from all 8 of Australia’s paediatric cancer centres.  It is one of the most exciting childhood cancer research initiatives ever undertaken in Australia to tackle the most serious cases of infant, childhood and adolescent cancer.

This personalized medicine program aims to prove that personalized medicine, tailoring treatment recommendations to individual children’s cancers through better scientific analysis of their tumours, can change outcomes.  In many cases, it can lead to the use of a drug not previously tried or even considered and, in some cases, even changing a child’s exact cancer diagnosis.

Lenity has committed funding for 5 years to be distributed equally for clinical and research purposes.

Learn more about Zero Childhood Cancer

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