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Thailand – Ranong : Burmese Migrant Health and Education Programme

Marist Aria Foundation (MAF) has been supporting Burmese Migrant Children and Families on the
Thailand Burma Border since 2006 by assisting the abandoned through education and health

Ranong has one of the highest out-of-school rates and high child labour rates in Thailand. MAF
provides one of the few opportunities for Burmese Migrants to receive secondary education,
enabling a tertiary pathway. In addition, Ranong has the second highest HIV incidence rate in
southern Thailand and MAF is the only organisation with a programme dedicated to supporting the
most vulnerable Burmese Migrants and children with HIV Aids.

Lenity has committed funding for 5 years to the continuation and development of the Burmese
Migrant Secondary Education Programme and the HIV Health Programme.

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Marist Asia Foundation in Ranong

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