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Willoughby Retirement Community Association

Happy, comfortable and meaningful in retirement
About Willoughty Retirement Community Association

Willoughby Retirement Community Association is a non-profit community association set up in the early 1970s on land donated by Willoughby City Council to provide accommodation and care for retired and aged people, with a priority for those from Willoughby and neighbouring areas.  Independent living and ageing-in-place with assisted care from on-site nursing staff is provided as required.

How is Willoughby Retirement Community Association Village achieving its goals?

The philosophy of WRCA is to create a living environment where residents are respected and accepted and where independence, to the extent possible, is encouraged to facilitate wellbeing and self-esteem. In addition, the WRCA Village is set in an ambient parkland setting.  A short walk from the self-contained units to the hostel is over a covered bridge across a creek frequented by ducks, echidnas and water dragons. Townhouses have a garden patio area; tower apartments have one or more balconies and hostel residents enjoy a balcony overlooking the nearby park or creek.

How is WRCA funded?

WRCA is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity.  Funding is sourced through the incoming resident contributions towards independent living units, government aged care subsidies, recurrent charges and donations.

What is Lenity Australia’s Involvement?

Lenity Australia has made a grant to Willoughby Retirement Community Association to fund a refurbishment program at the Hostel. This grant is in acknowledgement and support of the Association’s care of, and commitment to, the aged in the Willoughby Council local community.


Some facts:


  • The number of people globally aged 80 years or older will have almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2050 to 395 million.


  • In Australia, it is estimated that by 2050 the number of people aged between 65 and 84 will more than double.  Those 85 and above will increase more than four times.


  • 4,440 Australians turned 100 years old between June 2014-15.  That's an increase of 550 centenarians on the previous year.



  • Two centenarians currently reside at WRCA; the average age of WRCA’s hostel residents is 87; and 30% of WRCA’s 90 residents are male.


Willoughby LGA*

  • In 2006 the proportion of persons aged 60 years and over in the Willoughby LGA was 17.7%.


  • 2011 Census figures indicate a 26% increase in the 60 to 69 age group in Willoughby.


  • Access to affordable and suitable aged care accommodation is a key issue for older people in Willoughby LGA.  There is an increasing desire to stay in their familiar environment for as long as possible. 


*Willoughby City Council Housing Options for Retirees and Seniors;

  Willoughby City Council Community and Cultural Life Discussion Paper

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