Australian Issues and Projects

Karen doesn't know where her mummy is
or whether there will be any dinner.
43,000 Australian children are living in out-of-home care resulting from
family breakdown, abuse or neglect.
Approximately 500,000 Australian women experience physical or sexual violence each year.
One third of women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15
12% of females have been sexually abused by the age of 15
95% of brain development occurs in the first eight years.
Early intervention for children suffering trauma, abuse or neglect enhances
their school and future employment experiences. This greatly reduces antisocial
behaviour and social difficulties as a young adult.
12,000 young people under 25 are admitted to hospital each year for substance abuse.
6% of all deaths among young people are drug induced.
Each year, around 50,000 youths drop out of education and training and are unemployed.
Interventions reduce youth disengagement.

Our work In Australia

Zero Childhood Cancer
Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation
Phoenix House
Skill and education support for vulnerable youth
Mary's House
Women's refuge
Triple Care Farm
Rehabilitation for substance addicted youth
Margaret Jurd
Educational support for disadvantaged school students
Women's Community Shelters
Women's Refuge
Dalwood Spilstead Services
Early intervention support for young familites
JSS Wilmot
Support for marginalised women and children
Willoughby Retirement Community Assn
Aged Care
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