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Australian Issues

Although we continue to be the lucky country, there are some Australians who are not as lucky as others. Today's young people confront higher unemployment, more insecure work, increased housing costs, greater debts and higher tuition fees than earlier generations. The Foodbank Hunger Report confirms that more than 4 million people in low income families in Australia experinece food insecurity, and if tgisem 28 percent report that going without food is a regular occurrence. In addition to this Australia has a drinking culture where alcohol use is widely encouraged and over-consumption is lauded as a rite of passage. We are now seeing many many people of all ages whose lives have been ravaged by the effects of alcohol (as well as other drugs). Lenity helps charities who deal with these social issues and assist the families and indiviuals the lucky country forgot.

Domestic Violence

89 women will killed in domestic violence in 2008-10

It is difficult to quantify the total number of women and children who experience domestic and family violence related homelessness each year. Data Analysis Australia’s application of the findings of the 2005 Personal Safety Survey to the total Australian population indicates violence by a current or former partner affected significant numbers of women each year.The survey, conducted during April and July 2005 found that in the twelve months prior to the survey some 110,200 women indicated they had experienced violence or abuse (ABS 2006a). 

Drinking & drug taking have lifelong consequences.

Cost of illness studies have found that every year drinkers do themselves $14 billion worth of harm, and cause $20 billion worth of harm to third parties.

Around one million children each year who are affected by their carers’ drinking. Ten thousand of those are in the child protection system because of that drinking. 

Marijuana/cannabis accounted for 71% of illicit drug arrests in 2004–05, compared with 13% of arrests related to amphetamine-type stimulants.

In 2004, one in ten sentenced prisoners was imprisoned for drug-related offences. The most common drug-related offence for which people were imprisoned was dealing/trafficking drugs.

Drinking is a social issue in Australia

Drinking is a social issue in Australia

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Specific Australian issues addressed by the charities Lenity Supports is here

Lenity Australia is the major benefactor of this program providing substantial funding for youth crisis, women in crisis, early family intervention, alcohol and drug issues. 

You can make a difference in Australia by donating directly to these charities: 

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