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Over 1 billion people in the Asia Pacific Region live in extreme poverty contending with food insecurity, inadequate sanitation and clean water.
Poverty is the primary economic incentive that drives women and children
to participate in modern slavery.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
- Dr Martin Luther King Jr
This girl was sold as a prostitute at the age of 12.
She can't remember her real name.
Child Labour and Sex Trafficking
In South East Asia 1.5% of the total female population is engaged in prostitution. Many began as minors having been tricked or coerced into such by parents, traffickers, partners and pimps.
Asia Pacific is the most populous region of the world where approximately
30 million people are estimated to be victims of modern slavery
124 million children and adolescents are out of school.
66 million primary school children across the region attend classes hungry. 
UNICEF estimates 140 million children worldwide are orphans.
Poverty can cause parents to sell or abandon their children.
The answer to modern slavery is education. Girls become vulnerable to traffickers.
They end up in domestic slavery, suffering physical and sexual abuse.
HIV infection is no longer a death sentence.
Treatment in the early stages of infection can facilitate a normal and healthy life, as shown above.
Asia Pacific is the region with the second highest number of people living with HIV in the world.
There are approximately 200,000 children living with AIDS in the Asia Pacific region (AFAO).
It has been estimated that every 14 seconds, a child is orphaned by AIDS. 

In rural areas throughout Asia, disabled children are not sent to school because their parents don't see the value in educating them. They remain in the cycle of poverty because they never develop any skills by which to support themselves or contribute to their community. 
Transport to schools is not available for the disabled.

See the charities we support:

In the Asia Pacific Region
Marist In Bangladesh
Education for daughters of tea pickers entrapped in modern slavery
Marist Solidarity Cambodia
Education and skills training for poor and disabled youth
Kawthaung Myanmar
Education, skills training, nutrition & health services
Balay Pasilungan Philippines
Care and shelter for orphaned and abandoned street children
Talikala Philippines
Advocacy & refuge for trafficked women & girls
Kidapawan Philippines
Refuge and skills training
for trafficked women and girls
MercyWorks PNG
Mt Hagen, Goroka
Life & skills training
MercyWorks PNG
Life & skills training
Marist Asia Foundation
Education, community and
health services for Burmese migrants
Blue Dragon Vietnam
Rescuing street children from child labour & human trafficking
Bacau Teachers College Timor-Leste
Training teachers to fill the void of qualified educators after the cessation of war
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