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Lenity Australia is a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation financing projects in Australia, Asia and
the Pacific.

Lenity does not seek public donations and project funding is by invitation only.

Lenity Australia's Covid Response

Lenity has responded to the Covid-19 emergency by providing financial support to enable the immediate needs of people to be addressed.

Lenity is proud to partner with the following organisations during these challenging times.

Jesuit Social Services - to restock - from 50% down on normal stock - the Ignite Food Store in Western Sydney which provides low-cost food to those in Mount Druitt and surrounding areas.  .../more


St Vincent de Paul Society - to support across western Sydney public/community housing tenants through the provision of food and emergency assistance, counselling and referrals to other services and programs. .../more

Willoughby Retirement Community Association - to protect the elderly through the provision of resources to alleviate isolation and loneliness during the lengthy lockdown period.   .../more

Women’s Community Shelters - to support the outreach program needed to meet the increased incidence (around 30%) of domestic and family violence and provide a safe environment for women and their children. .../more

Australian Marist Solidarity - to support in the Philippines vulnerable women at the Balay Banaag residential centre and disabled at a community-based rehabilitation program at Katilosa, Timor-Leste.  .../more

Blue Dragon – to support the rescue operations of traffic girls and women and provide safe shelter for Vietnamese street children.  .../more

Jesuit Mission – to provide emergency food relief and support for short-term employment, particularly for migrant workers in the Hazaribag Jesuit Province in India.   .../more

Nursing Master’s Program for Tongan Nurses - Sydney Nursing School

The University of Sydney 

The Lenity Scholarship program - the first of its kind to exist in Australia  - funds post-graduate Master’s Degrees in nursing for registered nurses from the Kingdom of Tonga.

Non-communicable diseases are the leading causes of mobidity and mortality in third world countries of the South Pacific.  A goal of the program is that, through this Lenity initiative, the Queen Salote School of Nursing will be accredited to teach to Bachelor’s Degree level (currently diploma).  With an increased number of trained registered nurses, the Lenity program presents a powerful opportunity to make a substantial difference to health practices and outcomes in the treatment of  non-communicable endemic diseases in Tonga

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International Projects

Lenity funds projects in Asia that focus on women and children to provide care and education to
those suffering HIV, homelessness, abuse and exploitation


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