Lenity has a 5 year focus on health. We support clinical health initiatives both in Asia and Australia.  Our projects include the Brain Mind Centre, HIV Patients in Ranong and ...

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Lenity supports anti-slavery, poverty & health programs throughout Asia and the Pacific.  See our footprint.

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Lenity supports projects helping the poorest of people throughout our region.


Lenity has a 5 year focus on health. Here's how we help organisations in their search  for answers to the world's most serious health problems.

Lenity Australia is a not-for-profit organisation funding projects in Australia, Asia & the Pacific.


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Poverty in Asia

words here Lenity supports projects helping the poorest of people throughout our region.

The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre is a global leader in research and treatments for conditions of the brain and mind. In particular, its focus is on conditions that affect child development, youth mental health and brain ageing. The team of researchers and clinicians partner across borders and disciplines in pursuit of improving health outcomes.


Lenity is supporting a 5-year research fellowship in the field of neurogenerative diseases. The fellowship is named “The Lenity Research Fellow”

Lenity Research Fellow awarded to University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre

“Using a truly interdisciplinary approach, the Brain and Mind Centre transforms research into innovative treatments for conditions that will impact most Australians at some time in their life.”

Professor Matthew Kiernan,


Brain and Mind Centre

What The Lenity Scholarships mean for Tonga

The Lenity Scholarship Program – the first of its kind to exist in Australia - will raise nursing care to a new level of excellence in the Kingdom of Tonga.


The health of the Tongan people is of the highest priority for the Tongan Government. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) -  such as cardiovascular and diabetes - are endemic and present an increasing drain on the economy.  These diseases contribute to the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Tonga. (The World Health Organisation reported that NCDs accounted for around 74% of all deaths in Tonga in 2008.)  


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Research and Clinical applications for the elimination of childhood cancer are financially supported by Lenity.

Where does Lenity's money go?

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Lenity keeps detailed records about where each dollar is spent and how that expenditure benefits the recipients. 


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Supporting Willmot Community Hub

Lenity is proud to be a funding partner with Zero Childhood Cancer as it delivers promising results

Lenity support for local aged care

Neurodegeneration research boosted by Lenity's $1.25 million gift

Champions for Children Gold Partner

Lenity congratulates Blue Dragon

Lila’s Remarkable Journey

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