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Lenity Australia. Charity, Humanity.

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Lenity Australia is a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation financing projects in Australia, Asia and
the Pacific.

Lenity is a private ancillary fund, does not seek public donations and project funding is by invitation only.


Lenity funds research into childhood cancer through international research and collaboration at
Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick


Lenity funds research into neurological disease through The Lenity Research Fellow at the Brain and
Mind Centre, The University of Sydney

Tongan Nurses

Lenity funds post-graduate Nursing Master’s Degree Scholarships for registered nurses from the
Kingdom of Tonga through The University of Sydney Nursing School

International Projects

Lenity funds projects in Asia that focus on women and children to provide care and education to
those suffering HIV, homelessness, abuse and exploitation

How revenue from our investments are used

Relief of poverty, exploitation, healthcare, education and skills training. 


Social Mission


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Marketing & Fundraising